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Gal Low Loader Trailer v2.0
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Gal Low Loader Trailer v2.0

This is the Gal Low Loader Trailer Color Select Locking Script Error Free Log Tested on Multi Player Server.


  • Royq
    2017-02-03 05:08
    Really nice work! Thank you for making the trailer wider. It can now handle combines! Great trailer!!
  • Shawn
    2017-02-04 22:09
    turning issues with any truck i hooked up to it. seems like the collision script need some adjustments. other then that, still the best trailer out. thanks for converting!
  • Sweet250
    2017-02-05 06:41
    in FS-15 this trailer had a lock-load script, so could you please add lock-down straps to it, other than that it's a great trailer.
  • Willem
    2017-09-08 22:24
    Got the same issue as Shawn but other than that great low loader
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