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Game Extension v0.4
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Game Extension v0.4

This mod extends the game with fixes and smaller features.

To access the settings whilst in game Press "I" to open.
This mod is MP ready and includes settings that can be setup for each player and also settings that can be applied for the server as a whole.

I - Open GUI screen
Left alt + H - Hide hud elements
C - Mark location for Farmers Touch (walking player only)
Holding C - Will reset Farmers Touch


  • Guest
    2017-02-20 22:02
    extension qui ne marche pas!!! met en plus qui ne sert strictement a rien.
  • Juju
    2017-02-21 00:43
    Merci du conseil,donc pas a télécharger
  • Guest
    2017-02-21 19:28
    How do get rid of that annoying Filltype text for vehicles? Going back to the old version.
  • Rdkjaer
    2017-02-22 12:12
    This is great! Thanks for the mod
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