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Gamsting Map v1.1.0.0
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Gamsting Map v1.1.0.0

Welcome to the beautiful Gamsting!

Changelog V1.1.0.0
- Egs appears correctly
- Eg Selltrigger correctly placed
- SheepWool appears correctly
- SheepDirtArea correctly placed
- All NavMeshes edited
- Lely Decal Fail fixed
- Terrain optimized on the CowShed
- Flashier TriggerMarkers
- Add WorkshopTrigger to all farms and the MR
- More lights on the locations
- PelletsTrigger Position fixed
- Map EdgeCollision optimized
- Performance optimized
- Added missing objects
- All SiloTipTriggers corrected
- FieldMissions Startplaces fixed
- BGA BunkerSpeed slowed down
- logs can be load to the train an selled by sending it away
- railway barrier fixed
- Added SeedTriggers to all farms
- new PlantTextures with materialHolders for the cuttingTools

In the middle of the mountainous region of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps is almost entirely cut off from its environment Gamstinger the idyllic valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and inhabited by the humorous citizens Gamstings.
Of the once numerous hermit courtyards with blossoming agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in this secluded area today the only two remaining farms of Gamsting. They are now responsible for the management of the entire valley.
This applies to supply and manage the village-owned biogas plants, a biomass cogeneration plant and own livestock.
The local branches of machine ring, of BayWa and the Südzucker AG are the only source for the farmers in the region. Nevertheless, the agricultural machinery business and the warehouse offer a wide range and a rich assortment.
When choosing your farm equipment the mountainous conditions should be considered. With large, bulky devices, even the most experienced farmer reach its limits. For larger agriculture work the machine ring is at your disposal.

Required Mods:
- Chopped Straw For Harvesters (By: webalizer)
- Seasons (By: Realismus Modding)
- Hose System (By: Wopster and Xentro)


  • Tim121672
    2018-06-30 01:34
    This is a beautiful map packed with excellent detail. If you like realistic looking maps then this is for you. I give it a 9.5 only because there isn't a lot of room for placeables. Very well done and I do appreciate your hard work,,:)
  • Tazzienate
    2018-06-30 03:56
    Still can't place the straw add-on why?
  • Cristian
    2018-07-01 10:28
    The same for me. Can't place the straw add-on.
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