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GAZ 53 blue Beta
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GAZ 53 blue Beta

A test version!
Russian truck GAZ-53
Realistic physics and sound. Power - 115 Max. Speed - 70 km / h. Volume - 6500l. Dust, footprints, exhaust. Does not stain (so far)! Lighting is, but will be remade. Log clean.

Idea / Concept: Du-mont TruckerStas Dufata Northern_Strike IhorZelenyanskiy Dizik ANDREI1994
Testing: W_R
Other: W_R

  • Jim


    2017-01-15 07:04 Send message
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    I must say...This is a very excellent mod. Had to do a few tweeks to lower the wheels down and fix a texture issue but over all a very well built mod. Cheers to the creator of this mod. Sounds are amazing also!!!
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