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Gazon Next Pack v3.2
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Gazon Next Pack v3.2

Version 3.2
Added: spreader of mineral fertilizers, spreader of solid manure. In the box of the van a small tuning: when buying it is suggested to choose with or without inscriptions, also a choice of colors. The weight of the modules is reduced, for a smaller skid. The file size is reduced.
P.S. Delete the old file, re-enable it again in the mods.

Dump truck on the basis of GAZON NEXT is used for transportation and unloading of bulk cargo, building materials and agricultural products. Operated on roads with hard and subsoil.

Power - 149-153. Max. Speed - 95. The price is 29 250-30 030 (per day 120). Molokovoz and a barrel to transport fuel is bought in a different section. Everything gets dirty and washed. Assembly, mirrors, color selection, animation.

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  • Silvu
    2017-08-19 02:18
    Mod Video Here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t-lkWRlnag
  • Kleeblatt
    2017-08-19 13:48
    schade, log.txt nicht ganz sauber. Lua Warnungen
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