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Gemeinde Rade Reloaded v1.0
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Gemeinde Rade Reloaded v1.0

Welcome to the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein directly on the north-east channel. Here is the newly established Gemeinde Rade, which is equal to a new building.
Your farm is in the middle of the map and the pig farm. You start with a farm that is fully operational.

Thanks a lot:
– Henry from the Simufreunden for the hours of support and the Snowmask!
– Unguided by Outcast Modding for the mega grass texture!
– SirJoki from Agrartechnik Nordeifel for the ingenious Sky!
– PeJay from the Simufreunden, here many thanks for the various adjustments in the Maya, the texture error correction and the pictures!

DeeBuur - LsRealDrivers

  • Flipyap
    2018-03-16 19:30
    This is the best map I have ever played.
  • Error
    2018-03-22 02:07
    Error: D3D11Texture::init: Creation of texture with checked formats failed ..\..\..\src\base\3d\d3d11\D3D11Texture.cpp (531)Error: Render device Error: Unknown.Error: Render device Error: Unknown.Error: Render device Error: Unknown........................
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