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Gemeinde Rade v2.0
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Gemeinde Rade v2.0

Welcome to the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein directly on the Kiel-Canal. We tried to build them as real as possible.
Your farm is located in the middle of the map as well as the pig farm.

Changelog v2.0:
- traffic has been adjusted (no traffic jams)
- Gate fixed at the bale sale
- Siloplane fixed at the main house
- Lights installed in halls
- Streetposts completely replaced
- Road signs replaced
- fields in the editor
- Silo at the pig farm
- more TipCollis
- complete Mapfolder trimmed and optimized.
- diverse decoration objects
- NaviMesh of cows changed (Map freezes no more)
- Map folders cleaned up (about 36 mb minimized)

Chris, Matze - LsRealDrivers

  • Claude
    2017-03-22 09:42
    Error: D3D11Texture::init: Creation of texture with checked formats failed ..\..\..\src\base\3d\d3d11\D3D11Texture.cpp (533)Error: Render device Error: Unknown.Great map, I would go as far as to say fantastic map, that is the error I keep getting.
  • Topgun
    2017-03-22 10:00
    Encore une belle map !Aucun souci de mon coté...
  • Trucky
    2017-03-22 11:17
    Played for 40 odd mins took the combine n header to trade in, sold in vehicle resale spot, after sold,game sloowwed down an did nothing. Exited thru Task man. tried agin with different vehicle and different combination of veh. this time it crashed??? Same agin next time I tried. Please help as I reckon it is a XCLNT map.
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