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Giants GreenHouses Placeable v1.0
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Giants GreenHouses Placeable v1.0

Original GreenHouses by Giants with Marhu Scripts

Melon Strawberry Red Cabbage Lemon Shroom Tomato
Only need Water And Manure to Produce Pallets
Two Trigger to Sell Products One Normal and One with Deko
Price 80000

Giants Marhu TheSnake and the others for the objects and ideas in the mod.

Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake
Other: Only Need Manure and Wasser to produce pallets

  • Jpv


    2017-08-31 14:29
    Very nice mod, I wish somebody can make us a placeable dairy that work without the need for pallets and carton.
  • Jack
    2017-10-07 02:37
    Red Cabbage dont work
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