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Giants LS09 Edited Fishing Edition v1.2
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Giants LS09 Edited Fishing Edition v1.2

Hello and Welcome to the LS09 Map Edited Fishing Edition

Version 1.2
FIRST you Need to Start New Career apologies for the inconvenience
but I receive many messages some people have some problems to find fish I rebuild the mod more easy now

Added more Fish now you have 10 Species in the map
Rebuild Fish mod
Change the WaterPlane
Added Milk Mod
Rebuild the Forest
Saegewerk Added
Water Low price Added
Sugar Fabrik added you can sell sugarBeets
Added production of FishFood
Create more Placeable place
Added Trigger for Boards
Rebuild the Fish Boat added more planes for fish
Fixed erros in the Log and many more have fun

Version 1.1
Fixed Barrier in the port
Added Fish Mod
Crab CodFish Sardine Fish need Corn(Maize) Shark Need Fish
Added Cargo Spline
Added Hindenbourg Spline
Added Grain Ship Sline
Added Container Ship Spline
Added Sport Boat Spline
Added Sailor Spline
Build a Boat to Catch Fish and many more have fun
Unzip Files and put in the Mods Folder
Start a new Carreer
only two erros for the Fabrik Script but you have no problem for the GamePlay


  • Tintin
    2017-08-24 19:48
    de la merde
  • Thesnake
    2017-08-24 20:09
    @TINTIN People that laugh because don't like have the immature mind and the modern society mind!!!
  • Henrik
    2017-08-25 00:28
    @TINTIN pourquoi de la merde,toi tu encourage pas les modeurs ,perso je la trouve bien cette map.>>>>>@TINTIN why of the shit, you do not encourage the fashioners, I personally find this map.
  • Dennis53
    2017-09-10 18:49
    would like to know what grain to use to make fish food i have tried all none work
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