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Giga Farm v2.0
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Giga Farm v2.0

Hello, all together. After many hours of hard work, I am pleased to present my first map for FS17. It's Giga farm and this is version 2.0. I hope you like it and can count on future updates, as editing work does not stop.

Some of the modifications:
All animals were housed in the courtyard.
The capacity of the silo has been increased and seed storage, pig feed and fertilizer were added.
Near the court a new station was built.
There was plenty of space and garages for machinery.
Additional lighting that can be controlled by the player.
Silos for fodder, compound feed, silage, grass and straw.
The vehicle restoration was changed.
Created workshop, the modification of vehicles and sales on own farm allows.
New trees have been added.
All this on a very nice and modern farm.
I hope you have fun!
Any errors should be reported!

Gigabbyte, Giants, Stevie (Ein großes Dankeschön an Stevie für die unermüdliche Bemühung, mir zu helfen) Keine der Mods, die in dieser Karte verwendet werden, sind meine eigenen, so dass die Credits auf ihre Autoren fallen.

  • Roy


    2016-11-15 01:37
    good map but you cant do the plant growth
  • Wlee1970
    2016-11-16 03:06
    why offer the uploaded.net link to download lol i will not download from that link. i will use modhub.us to grab that file.
  • Wlee1970
    2016-11-16 03:26
    Ok that map is buggy, why not offer beta testers to help find those pesky bugs in your map? the doors to open to leave the farm does not work very well i get stuck when pulling those doors apart and Roy was right the plant growth doesn't work.
  • Wadim
    2016-11-16 22:25
    Очень много объектов в одном месте вот и фпс проседает надо бы убрать немного
  • Baldbob
    2016-12-06 14:38
    This map is very well laid out and just fun to play. I have found no bugs. The animals are easy to take care of load and unload well placed. silo is easy to get to. Plenty of machine sheds and seed racks. I like the fact you added a storage up by the cows. So all in all I enjoy this map I would like to see just a few larger fields in places where 2 or 3 smaller fields could have been made 1. Thanks for this one
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