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GMC K3500 v2.0
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GMC K3500 v2.0

For all the haters on last update THAT WAS VERSION 1.0 So fuck off Here is V2.
I Updated...
1-Fixed light being out to far
2-Fixed lag if anyone was having it
3-New Stock GMC wheels
Log IS Clean
Unzip and move folder to mods
BT Modding

BT Modding, Duramax Nation, McLain Modding

  • @btmodding
    2017-06-02 19:05
    Don't upload your crappy edits, you don't know how to mod. This is an epic crappy mod, doesn't matter what version you call it. 83mb for a sloppy seconds looking pickup truck? Wow, you really need to learn some skills, bro, this thing is just BAD.
  • Whatever
    2017-06-02 20:19
    Is that why all 2 photos are at night so we can't see how crappy it is?
  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-02 20:25
    He dont know Chevy trucks anyway hell They dont have four damn headlights per side top outside is low beam top inside is high and both bottoms are turn signal and parking lights WOW
  • Zzzzz
    2017-06-03 00:55
    nice thanks for a v2 with stock rims looks like mine IRL, mine was a 4.3 previous owner converted to 5.7. thanks again
  • Btmodding
    2017-06-03 01:29
    +ZZZZZ Thanks for the support!
  • Jd318
    2017-06-03 05:27
    You really don't know much about Chevy trucks and I know my Chevy trucks. Just like BossHog39 said, bottom are turning/parking lamps NOT HEADLIGHTS!!!!! The top is the headlights and there is only supposed to be one on and that's the low beams, which are on the outside of the composite headlight. Bumpers.... Those are way too tall, they need to be more short, the front doesn't even look like the original, they look more like the newer trucks. Somebody doesn't know their GMT400's. ;)
  • Jd318
    2017-06-03 05:54
    Ok, here's some things I would like to recommend to make this mod better, you can take it or leave it, but it will make it much more realistic: K3500's didn't have short boxes, only long boxes, or third door extended cab. Only half-tons had the third door option. K3500's didn't have a passenger side airbag (nor a passenger side airbag switch under the cargo lamp switch, they had a cubby hole there, only half-tons had the passenger side airbag.
  • Jd318
    2017-06-03 05:56
    Here is some pictures to describe what I am talking about (not virus links): http://www.alpinemotorswyoming.com/cache/1997-chevy-k2500-int-247484.jpg ; https://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2014/03/11/12/47/1998_chevrolet_c_k_3500_ext__cab_4wd-pic-4208424187596484767.jpeg ; http://www.2040-cars.com/_content/cars/images/8/885408/010.jpg (Had to continue the post to another because of the stupid 500 max symbol use.)
  • @btmodding
    2017-06-03 08:13
    Words cannot accurately describe what a complete pile of shit this mod is.
  • Btmodding
    2017-06-03 19:36
    @JD318 I dont care its a fs mod. get a life and stop yelling at people over fs mods.
  • Btmodding
    2017-06-08 23:57
    Why do you guys think this is on modhub and not released. ill let you guys figure that out.
  • Dieselsmoke
    2017-06-21 21:15
    Hope you asked Blake Mclain
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