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GMC Sierra 3500HD Dually with plows v1
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GMC Sierra 3500HD Dually with plows v1

This truck was originally a single cab long bed regular truck 4x4, now it is a dually with a couple of customization, such as engine, all of the duramax engines even the new L5P is in their, with torque ratios so its not just a "name tag," I wasnt able to figure out how to change the engine sound with it, so just going to have to pick which one you like, I personally prefer the LMM it has the most torque and it has the sounds with the truck as it suits the model year of it. If you want plows they are in the download files, you can select which ones you would like, they are all straight edge blades, just different names and colors on it.

Richwoodrocket, Chrispybaconers, Whoever made the truck for 15 I thank you

  • Dreammaker
    2017-02-15 22:14
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    will not load at buy
  • Gm fan
    2017-02-16 19:48
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    Love this truck but it doesn't handle large loads very well. Also the steering has a big Chevy symbol when its a GMC truck, on my screen there is a back square that flickers next to passenger side front wheel. The turn signals doesn't work. Could use a color change and maybe a choice to make dually or not? Love the mod just giving my $.02
  • Chrispybaconers
    2017-02-17 18:49
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    I know theirs some stuff but it worked perfectly fine for me and thanks for spreading the truck everywhere I will upload another version to FSASMC.com
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-02-19 01:40
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    For those that are having problems buying the truck there's an issue with other mods I know one of them is the light add on mod. This is known to the author, at least as far as I know it is.
  • Cheddar26
    2017-02-19 08:37
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    Will someone tell me why we are not seeing these on xbox?
  • Rebelrob98
    2017-02-26 08:47
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    When clicking purchase or lease, just sits an continuously loads... please fix this pack, would love to use them, thanks!! :)
  • Koalat
    2017-03-29 02:12
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    TO EVERYONE HERE: all of the mods from this modder come incompatible with the real dirt module. Far as I know for now the other real modules are okay. Please research before commenting and saying his mods are crap or don't work. You're contributing to the already out of control whiners and beggars...
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