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GMC TopKick Bucket Truck v1.0
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GMC TopKick Bucket Truck v1.0

This is the GMC Topkick Bucket Truck. I added beacons and NY license plates.

TorqueWrench1, Richwoodrocket (edits)

  • Iceman
    2017-04-06 12:04 Send message
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    what is that other white gmc in the 3 pic??
  • Ceedee
    2017-04-06 19:41 Send message
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    ICEMAN, type in GMC in the search box up the top right corner of the page and you'll probably find the item you are looking for from the list that appears
  • Rchwdrckt
    2017-04-06 22:02 Send message
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    ICEMAN You'll see in a few days ;)
  • Zzzzz
    2017-04-07 00:08 Send message
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    nice truck too bad you cant actually use the bucket to stand in, as id hoped i could use this truck as a forestry truck for cutting trees up high.
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-10 21:20 Send message
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    Nice truck, but why the heck do the lights not work?
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