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Gold Nugget Finder v1.0.0.0
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Gold Nugget Finder v1.0.0.0

For those that like collecting all the gold nuggets -- but don't enjoy searching for them -- this mod is for you.

(1) When activated via input binding (LEFT-ALT-U), a green line will appear between the player's current location, and the closest gold nugget. The current location may be the player while on foot, or while driving a vehicle. If the player is on foot, his position will re-orient towards each new gold nugget. The line is 'straight,' and as such will sometimes appear to go through hills or other obstructions. The line will reposition as the player moves.

(2) The player help menu (activated by pressing F1 in-game) will show the distance to the next closest gold nugget, and the number of gold nuggets remaining to be found in the map.

(3) The mod is NOT multiplayer compatible. Gold nuggets are not available to be picked up in a multiplayer game.

There's gold in them 'thar hills... go find it! :)

nuggetFinder.lua Script: akuenzi ([email protected])
In-Game: akuenzi
General Testing: akuenzi
Multiplayer Testing: N/A
modDesc Translation: Google Translate
Primary Mod Hosting: FS-UK.com
Dedicated to Xentro. The little I know about lua is the result of his patient mentorship and generous sharing of his time.

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