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Goldcrest Mountains V4.0
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Goldcrest Mountains V4.0

These are the Goldcrest Mountains. A remote side valley near the Valleys.

Version 4.0
see description

Completely new building with standard features and buildings in the mountains.
Please look at pictures and read carefully whether the map suits you!

Map Size: small
Players: Single Player
Match shapes: animals & Forestry (no Agrarmap!)
Game Machine: Medium Tractors & small equipment
Topography: hilly to very steep terrain
Map Content: all standard functions

Play distances on the standard map is too large, preference for smaller equipment, LS17 in mountainous atmosphere: Motivation
This is version 1.0 .. Other versions may follow.
PDA map will be submitted (not a satisfactory result by height differences)
Have fun, Seba_S_Tian

Modell: Seba_S_Tian, Giants
Idee / Konzept: Seba_S_Tian

OldShed - BlackSheep

LightPackAddOn - Niggels

placeable Storagepackage - Fendtfan1

Feldscheune - Katsuo

Tankstelle - t0xic0m

Chopped Straw - webalizer


slowtide63: Idee, Konzept, 3D-Modell

Marhu: FabrikScript.lua (LS15)

KevinK98: Konvertierung LS17 FabrikScript.lua und AdditionalTriggers.lua


Credit: kevink98 (Script), Marhu (Script LS15), fasi (Palette) Giants (Gebäude LS15)

fermenter 5000 - gtx mods

placeable Old Shed2 - Blacksheep Modding

Schrankensset - Desperados93

machinery Shelter - fqc Art

woodshed - Niggels

Kastor Food Inc. - Kastor,Joker301069,Weisser,Da-Hoffi,Vanquish081,El_Cid,Ifkonator,BlackSheep(RC-Devil),Marhu,Kevink98,Giants

  • Oldfarmer redd
    2017-05-18 21:36
    Can you please update your name of map to 4.0 i love your maps and still play 3.0 so when i installed your new one only 3.0 shows up in my mods folder GoldCrest Mountains 4.0 shows in my mod map as GoldCrest Mountains only, i tried to copy and change it to 4.0 but it didn't work also ever think about putting a nice old stone church with music coming out when driving by it i love the old stone churches in the Mountains they are beautiful thank you very much Redd
  • Big farmer 14
    2017-05-29 23:58
    hey the map is great love mountain maps you need to make a map in like a cliff like place but I rate this map 10 stars
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