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Goldcrest production map xxl v2.0
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Goldcrest production map xxl v2.0

About this map ,This is a follow up from my Goldcrest production map.

Version 2.0
updated the sunflower pallet and added a fix for all the pallets for giants update 1.4

first off the farm got moved and expanded to two areas.
part one is the farm house and where the chickens are with the main silo and straw barn.
the other area is for the animals (pigs cows and sheep).
the train track got moved a little bit further out to acommodate the animals.
productions on map are as follow
greenhouses: tomatoes,red cabbage,cauliflower,lettuce,raspberry,strawberry.
pallet production: produce pallets for greenhouses,sunflower,cardboard productions
cardboard boxes: produces two types of boxes for greenhouse,sunflower productions
potato cleaner: produces pallets of cleaned potatoes.
brewery:produces pallets of beer.
fermenting silo: turn grass or chaff into silage
compostMaster: turns raw material in compost.
milk production: produces pallets of milk.
sawmill: produces planks of wood for the pallet and cardboard productions
seedmaster: produces seed for your seeders
sunflower island in middle of the big lake with access over the double draw bridge to produce pallets of sunflower boxes.
All pallets can be sold at the warehouse.
Hope you like and please do not upload this map anywhere else.

scooby, pinguar, Kastor, Marhu, Kevink98, Joker301069, Farmer_Andy, fasi, El_Cid, Giants,tarnat.
jungle_strudsen, Oliviu Stoian, Alice Noir, Thilly Coppelmans, Leastspark, Gira Park.
Anuar Zhumaev, Addylord, Hoffman, Dennis Tiensvold, Creative Stall, Pencil, Alex Fuller.
Ashley Fiveash, Lastspark, Bryn Mackenzie, Edward Boatman, Justin Blake and Shmidt Sergey.
Ian898 / CBModding,Ifko[nator],
Testing: Dark25m

  • Antti
    2017-02-21 22:02
    this is same version that
  • Defoden
    2017-02-21 23:59
    bonjour merci pour cette mise a jour. tout vas bien pour la vente de palette . a l entrepôt. j aimerais avoir de l aide . j ai beaucoup de lait a vendre , mais je ne trouve pas ou ont doit le vendre . ou est l usine ???? pour le lait ????. quelque un serait gentil pour m indiquer le chemin de cet usine .... merci a salutations a tous !
  • Bartus
    2017-02-22 15:55
    nice map only BGA is missing
  • Defoden
    2017-02-22 18:47
    hello BARTUS You go a Maclean biogaz plant. If that's what you're looking forgreetings
  • Dennis
    2017-02-22 19:12
    i would like to know this map is the same as production map thank you Dennis
  • Defoden
    2017-02-22 19:56
    Hello, c is an update that has corrections.I have to replace the one that I had in my folder mods by this one and no problem, everything works.salutations to all
  • Defoden
    2017-02-22 19:59
    bonjour je n écrit pas souvent en anglais . ma réponse que j ai écrit est traduit par Google traduction , désoler . pour cette map . c est une mise jour qui corrige des problèmes avec les pallettes et tout fonctionne . pas de soucis .salutations a tous !
  • Slamminsam
    2017-02-24 17:03
    cant get sawmill to take fuel. i have version 2. any help
  • Andrea
    2017-03-01 19:02
    questa mappa potrebbe essere bella se funzionasse ,ma non riesci a sistemarla,grazie se e possibile fammi sapere perchè lagga.
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