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Goldcrest USA v1.6.3
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Goldcrest USA v1.6.3


Version 1.6.3
Halls are a bit higher and pigs are not allowed to go through the fence anymore.

Since we have now become good friends with the Giants editor, I have rebuilt my farm on the original Goldcrest Valley to my taste, of course with all animals and thought I would offer you this map, maybe my new farm would like someone A very large yard with enough space for the whole placable objects which are now available for the LS17. Please rate with the not so strict, we are only for a month friends, before I could install the Giants editor and open, I have myself with the help of videos, google and try everything myself.
Pda is adjusted except for pigs who just did not want the pigs. (Pda only)
The loading crane does not work, but he has never worked with me, Chopped straw I think not in it, but that would be too much for the first time :-)
You own two fields and the starting vehicles are almost the same as the original ones.
The vehicles are returned to the yard.
I recommend the Mod Locodrive then the train passes beautifully past the farm.
The log is with me without errors.

The following are installed:
Cow silos of Vertexdezign, the most beautiful I've seen in LS. Thanks Niggels for your info.
Gsi Flash machine.
LPG Workshop by fqC-Art.
Raised bed and benches by Basti Pickel
Sawmill of Kevink98, of course Profi Marhu, and Fasi.
High shelf is from Modland.net.
And from where I have the other things I do not know any more, but thank all modders without you LS would not be so beautiful.
I hope I have not forgotten.
Milk can be sold at the MilchTrigger.hier is the milkchtrigger. : Http://ls-modcompany.de/filebase/index.php?file/5-milchtrigger
If you like my farm please do not forget :-)
Then I wish you a lot of fun on the map.

The map can not be downloaded in other forums.
It is forbidden to upload this mod again, even in changed form! Please use the original download link!
-It is forbidden to upload this mod again, even in an altered form!
Please use the original download link!


  • Farmer
    2017-01-01 18:36
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    Hello! Great mod. But you should do something with the bridge in the field 23.. If i hire a worker he stops in some spots before and after the bridge..
  • Farmer
    2017-01-01 20:19
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    Edit last post: The field is the 20. not 23.
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