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Goldcrest Valley II v1.0
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Goldcrest Valley II v1.0

This is an edited version of the original Goldcrest Valley. This is currently the Beta version.
For those of you who don't know me one of the things I do is edit the original maps.
This is an edited version of Goldcrest Valley. Some things have been moved, more objects have been added and a few areas opened up.

FEATURES V1.0.0.0 Beta:
Storage Silos currently for the following fill types (located near the Cow Zone) Also not that the fill levels are displayed in the sell/expenses menu:

Added FuelTank at the main farm area for refueling.
Added a few more water foutains near the animal zones.
Moved the main farm silos to make more room.
Adjusted some terrain and vegitation (still needs more adjustments).
Removed Fill limits on all silos/holding areas.

Mixing Stations.
Other Manure and Slurry sell points.
Worshop(s) already placed.
Water Tower(s) already placed.
Replace/update PDA_Map.
Replace water Foutains with Water PumpsMuch more as time goes on.

View the pictures for a visual understanding as to what was moved and where, the placement of the 3 mods, including areas that have been opend up.

Edited: McKnight

  • Juju
    2016-10-27 10:08
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    Merci a l'auteur,mais j'ais l'impression que les modeurs vont avoir du mal a faire des maps se n'est pas le même principe que fs15,perso j'ais ouvert la map de GOLDCREST VALLEY par curiosité avec giant ,et on voie même pas les champs.
  • Pierro
    2016-10-27 10:12
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    problème la section pour re semer de l herbe a disparu...!!! si vous une idée
  • Donnie
    2016-10-27 15:32
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    add mud AND CALFS and chickens get to work I bought game to play
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