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Goldcrest Valley II v5.0.5.0
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Goldcrest Valley II v5.0.5.0

CURRENT VERSION: V5.0.5.0 UPLOADED OCT 20 2017 @ 13:50 EST
This is an edited version of Goldcrest Valley. Some things have been moved, more objects have been added and a few areas opened up.

Farm Silo’s now store everything but woodchips.
Added FuelTank at the main farm area for refueling.
Revamped the farm area.
Revamped farm silo's to make them appear to be able to hold everything but woodchips.
Major adjustments to terrain and vegitation (still needs more adjustments).
Fixed Fill limits on all silos/holding areas. I couldn’t remove the fill limit so I just increased it to an insane amount it
default to 2147483647L.
Integrated the mod Placeable Refill Tanks (by GIANTS Software) mod is not needed.
Intergraded mod Chopped Straw For Harvesters (by: webalizer).
Added Seeds and Fertilizer placeable already on map.
Added 4 Water Pump stations one at each animal area and one at Main Farm.
Added 2 additional cow silo’s.
Moved cow zone to farm area.
Moved sheep zone to farm area.
Moved pig zone to farm area.
Old sheep and pig areas are now open fields to be used for whatever.
Field’s have less perfection to make them feel more realistic (needs more work).
Added modded placeable’s (Workshop, Pole Barn).
Field 24 is set as player owned.
Added pig food sell point at pig zone.
Extended Train Cars (x2 Of Each Car).
Added Flood Lights To Cow Silos, Farm Silos, and Fuel Tank (Placeable Items).

The current PDA map is updated but still needs a little work.

Finish tweaking pda_map_H.
Extend train view.
Add gates to pig and sheep zones.

Relocated Chicken Zone.
Expanded Cow Zone.
Added Animated Gate Cow Zone (Will Extend To Other Animal Zones).
Corrected Some Floating Objects.
Redone All Animal's Navigation Meshes.
Extended Train Cars (x2 Of Each Car).
Reworked More Of The Terrain.
Added Flood Lights To Cow Silos, Farm Silos, and Fuel Tank (Placeable Items).

By: GIANTS Software
Edited: McKnight
Placeable Refill Tanks: GIANTS Software
Water Pump Stations: skeleton
Chopped Straw For Harvesters: webalizer

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