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Goldcrest Valley Multifruit By PriNcO
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Goldcrest Valley Multifruit By PriNcO

This is a edited version of Goldcrest Valley. This version of the map has original fruittypes plus Sugarcane, Oat, Rye, Millet, Triticale and Spelt. It also have compost for fertilizing.
I also wanna give credit and thanks to all the creators that made the objects on this map!

Model/Texture/Script: Giants Software, °PriNcO°, fqC Art, Dogface, Team Wild (Nordfriese), NKB-Modding, AgroSketch, Mappers Paradise/Benw11, Fendtfan1, REV, Timoks_LS, Steffen30muc, Farmer_Andy, Marhu/kevink98, Forgotten Plants - Eribus and more.... If you find your mod/object on the map an i haven't given you credit pls pm so i can add you!
Idea / Concept: Giants Software, °PriNcO°

  • Judge trend
    2018-06-01 15:14
    Tractors equipped with tools in traffic, mud!, nice setup in the main farm, good enough start machinery, grass field near the cows, storage for root crops & for grass,hay,chaff, cool prefabs, GTX water trough mod, installed & lot more!PRETTY NICE WORK dude! It's a 5*plus for me...I'll play lots of hours to your map.Many thanks for your efforts.(fair well Felsentahl.....)
  • Nismoseiki
    2018-06-17 15:20
    i can't plant trees - there is no problem with other mods - i tried it with a new savegame without any mods - if you try to plant a tree the entire game lags until you stop the planterhow can i fix this ?
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