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Goldcrest valley plus plus v2.5.1
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Goldcrest valley plus plus v2.5.1

This is a standard goldcrest map with added extras.

Version 2.5.1
updated to patch 1.4 SORRY did realise there was a new patch

All animals are where they belong as i do believe driving between them is all part of the game.
new silo up near the cows
new sheds and woodchip store added
woodchip docking stations added
installed woodchip sales chippers
installed heating power plant on main farm
installed a vehicle repair/customise shop on farm yard
installed 3 tomato greenhouses
installed 4 lettuce greenhouses
changed the default vehicles to better ones
updated map pda to suit the new additions
the map is sure to develop over time as new mods are available to install
have fun :) and be sure to comment and rate pls
oh and the map has NO LOG ERRORS

Version 1.9
added Seasons manager mod of lefthandright and the LOCO drive mod (L ctrl down button to use the the train)to the map so you need to remove these out your mod folder just to stop any possible conflicts
on with updated the pda so NO key/legend at the minute but will be sorted soon
updated the fabric script to v2.0.1.0
added MARHU fermenter silo near to cows, fill types grass/chaff
updated MARHU's woodhacker
added AdditionalMapTypes1.0.0.4 (rye,oat,seeds2,lime and compost)
all grain sales/original farm silo and trains accept new fruits
added compost/seeds2 silo on main yard which show on pda
manure trigger at cows adjusted so now you can empty totally and bunker silo should be fixed and not split anymore
added MARHU's modern sawmill near field 17(inputs woodchips,wool and straw are used for fuel and logs too)
added compost sales trigger
added seeds2 sales trigger
added seedsmixer to produce seeds2 near to the composter
added HOT's seed and fertilizer factorys in the city(on the old petrol site,just behind the 2 sheds) near to field 26
all mods required for the map are in the mod folder so make sure to unzip first!!


  • J


    2017-02-10 09:04
    Great map thanks! should add more forest with all the great sawmill operations on map
  • Micah
    2017-02-10 09:59
    Map is awesome! best one for 17 yet! Actually made farming come to life and be useful for different products. Thanks keep up the good work!
  • J


    2017-02-11 00:16
    does the sugar factory have to have a certain amount of product before it starts producing? I have both beets and water but its not producing any sugar
  • Vital
    2017-02-11 20:01
    скрипты не работают,перекинул папку скриптов с версии 2,4 всё заработало
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