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GolDGRECHST Vally Police Editon v3.0
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GolDGRECHST Vally Police Editon v3.0

Hello dear ls community Today I present you my first ls map the map has a better fleet than normal and 2000000 million start.

Changelog V3.0 There are aalle objects rebuilt and placed differently. A thing is new and was the firewatch in the forest by the lake. I find the guard is very well done for me. A question I have however to you which thing is in the v4.0 are rebuilt. Great hospital, car garage good for mod demonstrations, rescue guard for rtw and nef, small airport. Easy for hospital # 1 autohaus # 2 rescue guard # 3 airport # 4 easy to write in the comments you should two # So now have fun with the map.

I'd recommend the map to people who like to play with police / fireweave mods. I have planned the map always new updates get a thing I may already tell you in advance there will still be a v2.0 with firewher watch on it All you tuber you can like to insert videos above was me seher. To the map sielen to be able her the
Animation Map Trigger
LG: king_modding
It is not allowed to modify the mod and reload it.

Script: Eagle355th Xentro,gaints,king_modding
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    2017-09-02 08:04
    IT IS EASY TO SAY THAT TFSGROUP IS A CHOICE OF MODS ...HERE, WE ARE NOT IN THE PRESENCE OF A THINKER ALSO.credits: POLICE ET FOMPIERS by ZORLACSo yes it is beautiful, and very nice nights, but you had not done anything so that it was, it was already available as well.Small flat, the placard firemen in German, while the barracks is French.
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