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GoldhoferBuyableColor v1.4.2
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GoldhoferBuyableColor v1.4.2


Version 1.4.2
The low loader has been adapted to update 1.4.2. Minor bugs fixed.

I have made myself times to the Goldhofer ran. What has been changed:
The rear wheels turn now properly
The trailer can be widened on each side by about 30 cm. Is switched on.
Warning plate fade in automatically
A few lamps added that Warntafen are illuminated
color selectable
log free

Idee / Konzept:
Sonstige: In der Version 1 und 1.1 sind drei Texturen von NLD-Farmers vorhanden. Diese haben Urspr√ľnglich auch schon einmal eine Farbwahl eingebaut. Diese Texturen sind ausversehen mit reingerutscht. Ab Version 1.2 sind diese Texturen nicht mehr vorhanden. Urmoder ist immer noch Giants.

  • Mtz


    2017-02-20 19:37 Send message
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    the gold hofer is color changeable now,whit out mods.
  • @mtz
    2017-02-25 11:43 Send message
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    But this version can expand by 60 cm.
  • Paul
    2017-03-08 12:29 Send message
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    How you going THOMAS I've got one question where's the tri-axle dolly without the air & oil tanks which are not mounted as shown in one of the pictures above I would love to have a couple of them under my tippers the fit looks great hooked up but doesn't turn at all it cheers
  • Maximilian denner
    2018-04-13 13:13 Send message
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    I wood be happy if you can trailer longer for wind turbin
  • Maximilian denner
    2018-04-13 13:14 Send message
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    I wood be happy if you can mac the trailer longer for wind turbin
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