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Golf Cart LARGE Color Selection v1.0
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Golf Cart LARGE Color Selection v1.0

Lambo Mods golf carts!

So much fun!!! Braker19 Here and your going to have a blast!

~Lambos Work~
Pulled model out into blender and retextured it.
Added more Vertices and detail
added hitch
added squad logo
added chrome
added light bars
redesigned mod XML
and ModDesc
ALOT of color choices

Read more on the Lambo-mods Website

Stacker convert from FS15 to FS17

  • Blacky
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    mods don't work delete out files garbage
  • Lambocomm
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    It works. Blacky... you gonna comment on every post troll?
  • Cat


    2018-04-07 02:56 Send message
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    Doesn't show up in store.
  • Pooooooooooooooooooooooop
    2020-04-05 00:00
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    Hi Mr. LA
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