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Goweil LT Master v1.1.0.0
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Goweil LT Master v1.1.0.0

Changelog 1.1.0:
- fix DE language error in game
- fix bale override, now Goweil have own bales
- fix input binding for open bales from activate object to toggle cover
- fix issue in wheel configuration
- minor issues in 3d

Goweil LT Master is THE Baler-Wrapper combination.
Chaff, grass, hay, straw, wood chips and manure can be fully pressed into bales and wrapped, for convenient storage purpose and better yield.
All type of bales can be sold to default sell trigger.
This mod add global function to open bales and tip to ground the materials.

Bale net and wrap foil pallet available in the store, also pallet tank with silage additive can be bought for a better silage quality.

Price: 253700 €
Maintenance: 200 € / day
Suggested power: 190 hp / 140 kW

Team FSI Modding

  • Marc
    2017-07-20 18:51 Send message
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    I can't get the damn door open!
  • William
    2017-07-21 07:37 Send message
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    Don't feel bad. You're doing better than I am. I can't get it to show up in my mods. It's in my mod folder but it doesn't show in my list of mods.
  • Edmu
    2017-07-22 21:32 Send message
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    Download it from official modhub site
  • Marc
    2017-07-22 22:03 Send message
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    UPDATE! Found previous game versions and after reading comments learned that your game vehicle settings must be changed to "manual" start instead of "automatic". In other words your tractor has to stay running when you get out of it to power the bailer. Now the mod works perfect. Worth noting that turning grass into compacted bailed silage sells for a lot of money. Around $70K for one semi load at the barn for some easy money. Only took about four hours to figure all this out.
  • Joseph
    2017-10-13 06:09 Send message
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    This mod is terrible. I mean its nice until it runs out of the wrap which you cant refill because only god know where the damn trigger is for it. I have pushed this damn tailor around trying to identify but nothing. What a waste of money in the game. Now I HAVE to use the money app to replace this piece of garbage. What a waste.
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