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GOWEIL TDD - Double Bale Transport Spike v1
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GOWEIL TDD - Double Bale Transport Spike v1

This transport spike was developed for transporting two unwrapped round bales or one square bale. Because of the tine guard, the TDD is also applicable for road transport. For round or square bales
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer GOWEIL
Category Tool
Author Blacksheep Modding
Size 4.73 MB
Released 16.12.2016

Blacksheep Modding

  • Tim


    2016-12-17 17:01
    I love this mod but can I please have the name of the map that your on and the mod site you got it from
  • Tomboy64
    2016-12-24 17:22
    hi Blacksheep Modding how do u lock the bales on to the spikes and in the help HUD it dont show if the bale are lock or not please can u have look
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