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Grape Farm Placeable v1.0
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Grape Farm Placeable v1.0

Little mod to the production of Grapes
Water Manure or Compost
Please do not forget to put the (((CompostMaster2k17_placeable))) in the mod folder or you have this error (Warning: Unkown fillType 'whitesugar' for MaterialUtil.onCreateMaterial)
have fun

Marhu, Kastor, Farmer_Andy, Susi29, Giants and the others for the objects in the mod.

Model: Marhu,Kastor,Farmer_Andy,Susi29,Giants and the others for the objects in the mod
Idea / Concept: TheSnake

  • Fred
    2018-01-05 23:01
    Merci a l'auteur pour se mod
  • Thesnake
    2018-01-05 23:52
    Merci FRED je fait vite mais j pense q ça va a bientot
  • Fred
    2018-01-06 01:00
    Encore merci Thesnake,hyper rapide,il nous faut des modeurs comme toi,pour prolonger la durée de vie de ce jeu,a bientôt.
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-06 11:57
    video here,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY5CZsMGVcg
  • Chris
    2018-01-06 15:56
    Absolutely love these! They especially make the orchards so much easier to take care of. I would love to see lots more of these!
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