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GreenRiver 2017 v1.0.1.0
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GreenRiver 2017 v1.0.1.0

Welcome to the GreenRiver 2017!

Added snowmask for seasons.
Replaced the shaders to giants standard shaders.
Checked textures and changed to dxt1, dxt5 and added mipmaps.
New map structure in inside the map folder.
Lowered the clip distances where necessary.
Added sugarcane to the map and storage
Removed compostmaster and pigfood machine, you can if needed use placeables instead.
Note: New savegame required!.

Due to the success of the GreenRiver map in Farming Simulator 15 thanks to all of you Bart decided to bring the map to Farming Simulator 17.
In the GreenRiver map you can decide what you want to do.
There are more than 160 acres of fields, you can take care of the animals, be an agricultural farmer or you can go out to the forestry part of the map, field missions, it's all up to you!

Extra notice, all the lights turn automatically on at 21:00 hour you do not have to switch it on.

Bart - NLD Farmers

  • Judge trend
    2018-03-01 18:54
    Come on guys say the word. JUDGE TREND is frustrated.This is the second update in a row & changelog says sugarcane added, pigstar removed, but I download it start a new savegame n' I have the same old map.Is it console only? Bcoz I play it on PC.
  • Tazziczech
    2018-03-02 13:08
    nevím,ale tato verze je už poněkud zastaralá.Už je novější verze
  • Siderwinder
    2018-03-04 21:06
    Hello,Where is the grain unloading point on the farm?Regards.
  • Velend
    2018-03-06 06:56
    Where is the sell point for hay bales?
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