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GreenRiver 2017 V2
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GreenRiver 2017 V2

Changelog V2:

New savegame required !!

Added Buyable fields.
Added Field missions(19 from 35 fields).
Fields adjusted.
Added new field (35).
Added traffic.
Added pedestrians.
Improved helper.
Factory script patch 1.4 updated.
AdditionalTriggers script updated.
Replaced 2D trees.
Replaced 2D selling points .
Milk machine added.
Forest roads replaced.
Water plane replaced.
Triggers Mixfeeder adjusted.
Farm Silo added.
Added new workshop shop.
Objects removed from corner.
Other improvements.

Welcome to the GreenRiver 2017!


Due to the success of the GreenRiver map in Farming Simulator 15 thanks to all of you Bart decided to bring the map to Farming Simulator 17.

In the GreenRiver map you can decide what you want to do you can take care of the animals,

be an agricultural farmer or you can go out to the forestry part of the map it's all up to you!


We hope you enjoy the map and please feel free to give us your feedback if you find any problems or if you have ideas for the map.

Extra notice, all the lights turn automatically on at 21:00 hour you do not have to switch it on. We also added a mix feeder, you can find it at the contractor area. You do not need an extra mod for the mixfeeder this i included in the map.


Extra notice, For the alternative link, there is no registration required :) 

What can you find in the map,

Main farm with Cows, Sheeps, Chickens.
Pig farm.
Biogass facility.
Contracter where you can also store your crops.
Vehicle shop.
Multiple Farmshops, The Ballon Tree, Blacker Hall, and Drewtons where you can sell your Crops Wool and Eggs.
livestock dealer where you can buy and sell cows, sheeps and pigs.
Allgreen Energy where you can sell woodchips, trees and wooden planks.
Milk Factory where you can sell your milk
Sawmill where you can bring trees to make wooden planks.
Gardenshop where you can buy trees and sell manure and liquid manure.
A large forestry area.
More than 160 acres of fields!


Wheat, Barely, Canola, Sunflower, Soybean, Mais, OilSeedRadish Potatoes, Sugar beets, Poplar.


required mods:

Chopped Straw.


Kotte Universal Pack.



For the alternative link, there is no registration required :) 

Please respect our work and do not edit the map en reupload it.
''Gelieve niet de kaart ergens anders te uploaden zonder de originele download link!''
''Please do not upload the map anywhere else without the original download link!''
''Bitte nicht die Karte irgendwo sonst laden, ohne den ursprünglichen Download-Link!''

NLD Farmers map by Bart, Richard, markkerkhof346, Jaguar95, Modding Welt, Giants, CebuljCek, Mythic Modding, bluebaby210, Vertexdezign, Katsuo, Dutch Agricultural Modelling, steffen30Muc, Buschi,
Xentro, Fatian, CHRIS1988, Eifok Team, ReFFarmer, Fatian, Marhu, Luxfarm, Steffen30muc, Nick98.1, rafftnix, BM Modding,
fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax, GoldFox, Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC-Devil, mkausen, bluebaby210, manni_112, softfox, Xentro, m4ppj3cts,

Fendtfan1, Niggels, fqC Art., CosmicHD, Desperados93, kingkalle - Team LTW, Mario (DTP), Dorset, Fullpowershift, Perso (JLP75, Eribus), Wobster.

Kevink98 (Script), Fasi (Bretterpaletten), El_Cid (Gebäude), Giants (Palette).

Special thanks: GTX Mods for the FS17 mix-feeder parts.
And Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script.
Commendation: Marhu and Farmer Andy for original Idea FS13 and FS15.

Special thanks: Niggels - vertexdezign.net for the lights and other objects.

  • Guest
    2017-02-11 16:52
    wouldn't know, if it don't have a modhub dl link i don't bother with it
  • Nitefire
    2017-02-11 18:35
    Looks like a great map, but hard to tell with no top down full map view. Stick a camera up high in the center of the map and take a shot of the whole map. You guys make some nice stuff,,really amazed you didn't include that pic. A lot of us won't even bother to download a map if it doesn't have a map view pic. :)
  • Nldfarmers
    2017-02-11 18:44
    @NITEFIRE https://abload.de/img/pda_map_hc8jum.png
  • Sdl


    2017-02-11 19:15
    perso cette carte es inutile car c'est une copie coller Que Fs 15 es jai deja jouer Un peu sur le fs15 que a part deux trois nv batiments on se croit sur Fs15 donc inutile faut pas prendre les gens pour un com ca sert a rien de avoir achter Fs17 si c'eest pour voir les meme maps stoop a toute les meme !!!!!
  • Nldfarmers
    2017-02-11 21:20
    @SDL You had this also said in the previous version v1.0 Now we now your opinion okay? If you do not like it, please do not download then and go playing the default map. And you have not looked good because there are much changes. And then this: Mods are free, a gift from people (modders) so be polite!
  • Simon
    2017-02-11 22:50
    deze kaart is waardeloos te downloaden u zult er geen spijt van krijgen en zuigt
  • Rui


    2017-02-11 22:56
    I do not understand how a map of these is here is not worth anything and this take this shit map has no sense this map without foundation do not download that crap and trash
  • Nldfarmers
    2017-02-11 23:21
    @SIMON I think you can better make a map by yourself if I read your comments haha :P http://www.modhub.us/usercomments/simon/
  • Nldfarmers
    2017-02-11 23:23
    @RUI Thanks for your feedback, we looking forward to you map! :)
  • Max


    2017-02-11 23:35
    People who complain about the map, you are really pathetic!! I bet you never have reach something in your life.. @all modders, keep up the good work:)
  • Angrywaynegretski
    2017-02-12 09:52
    One of the best put together maps I've played for 17 so far. Excellent job. And the NLD community as a hole seem like very nice people. Very much worth your time to try it out. The NLD download link works well, without the spam that comes with uploaded.net, so use that one.
  • Lebrestois
    2017-02-12 11:36
    continue pour nous faire plaisir a chaque video que vous fait je reste sur le cul tellement que le détail et pousser et ca je dois dire que c'est sublime je prefere vos map a vous que la plupart de maps francaise car je trouve aucun gout a leurs map y'a pas de details assez poussez tels que que les votre j'ai haite a vos prochaine maps et vos prochaine video je vous suit depuis le ls2011au 2013 depuis vos debut merci
  • Steven
    2017-02-12 19:27
    you guys do some really nice work am looking forward to playing your green river map over the next few days
  • Michael dk
    2017-02-19 17:35
    NLDFARMERS :-) thx for the good work.. i love your trucks and maps use them all time love to play your maps.. Thx again for good work. :-)
  • Kennyco
    2017-08-18 16:22
    Map is honestly the overall best map ive seen yet for FS17, this definitely my favorite as of right now. Thanks NLD, keep up the good work looking forward to more content from you guys!
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