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GRIMME ROOTSTER 604 v1.0.0.1
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GRIMME ROOTSTER 604 v1.0.0.1

This is a BIGGER version of the in game Grimme beet harvester.
I have converted this over from fs15 for you all to enjoy.
currently there is a couple small errors but nothing that will affect gameplay.
Hope you enjoy Thanks

Giants for original model
ROOSTER for conversion

  • Bvk


    2017-04-27 04:38
    wondering who posted this. LIKE ur work
  • Theoriginalconverter
    2017-04-27 04:49
    Being how i am the one who converted the only errors it has is the animation for unloading auger that was added. Once again you take credit for a mod you have no skill of doing for yourself. Everything matches except you increased the capacity and overloading to unrealistic numbers and changed the dirt scale for how. Surprisingly its very easy to tell when line by line matches the one i did. Maybe next time try to hide the fact you didn't convert it dumbass.
  • Nice
    2017-04-27 05:10
    Hello,Since you say you did such a great job you mind sharing who you are, it would be nice to see any of your other work, also, if someone posts a video of this machine, they would like to give credit to the person that converted it, instead of just a link. Makes you look better, since you brag about such a great conversion.
  • Joes
    2017-04-27 06:09
    this is joes old lifter edit from 15
  • Frederick martinez
    2017-04-27 18:53
    Popcorn at the ready the Americans have got there head in there ass again and likes a good rant about who's it is and everything else, anybody ever stopped and thought theres more than you that can edit or convert over, stupid people grow up your like a bunch of girls
  • Leakyfaucet
    2017-04-28 05:51
    The following is the so called original converters mods, all of them. Enjoy :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/qw6y02fbv1022d6/BrianTaylorsMods.zip
  • @leakyfaucetbumchum
    2017-04-28 11:43
    Its really sad when others post links to posted mods, grow up girls its just a game and your not the only one with brains, the thing is if its this Brian chap it must of been one of his buds that uploaded dumb ass
  • I mean, whatever
    2017-04-28 14:30
    I dont know if the mod works well or not, I just know I wont download it because it looks kinda stupid. Its incredibly unrealistic, there is nothing holding the added on pickup heads, they are just mashed into the machine. There is no effort put into making it actually look real.
  • True fact
    2017-04-28 22:22
    It looks stupid because it was joe lindberg that made the edit in the first place and then uploaded here in fs15 so once a mod is released to a site it is public and it dont matter who then reposts it as the original base mod to make this belongs Giants end of story grow up people its just a game and people dont carecwho mods belong to if its made from the base game mods. Ps READ SMALL PRINT FROM GIANTS
  • Interesting
    2017-05-27 18:43
    Last day I run into a real life video of SPUDNIK 6m beet harvester. That company is in Grimme group so this mod is not realistic. The only difference is the name. Color is right the logo is the same just the name is different.
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