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Grimme 20 from Vaszics v1.3
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Grimme 20 from Vaszics v1.3

Grimme 20 from Vaszics 1.3
Two new combines were made: coffee, tobacco
The compilation consists of 11 pieces (cabbage, redcabbage, lettuce, carrot, onion, sugarCane, potato, sugarBeet, grape, coffee, tobacco).
Main parameters:
Cutting head width 20 m
Cultivation speed is 39 km / h
Road speed is 100 km / h
Capacity 5000000 liters
Great success for combine harvesters.


  • Tom


    2018-11-14 20:39
    Can you use a header to harvest 11 crops?
  • Vaszics
    2018-11-14 21:00
    Hi Tom!Do you think that you can use the same header for each plant? This is really a dilemma in life, but it's the game, the world of imagination and fantasy. I guess you know that.
  • Tom


    2018-11-15 10:08
    Hello Vaszics. Why can you harvest more than 20 crops with a grain harvesting knife?
  • Vaszics
    2018-11-15 10:22
    Hi Tom!I do not seem to read the previous comment. Because everything in the fantasy world is allowed. That's why I do not think you're cold on this subject. Try to enter the wonderland, you will not regret it.
  • Hhh


    2018-11-16 04:30
    Vascics would it be possible to make a 16x map with the home place and all the sell points in like one corner of the map and have nothing but wide open tillable land no trees. thank you
  • Vaszics
    2018-11-16 06:28
    Hi HHH!As far as I know English, you've made a 16x map. That's how I interpreted it. Congratulations.
  • Rayamo
    2018-12-06 14:43
    this harvesters are swinging as heavy as the versions before. It looks like a ship in a storm.
  • Hubcap
    2019-01-17 00:11
    great mod....will it come to 19 any time soon?
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