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GrimmeRH2460 with added fruits and pallets v1
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GrimmeRH2460 with added fruits and pallets v1

Changed fruits now you can Load this machine with potatos, sugarbeets, manure, seeds, fertilizer, or woodchips will create a nicely packed pallets you can sell. Alternatively it can load conveyor belts with it.

Giants GS_Modding

  • Dselgamrz
    2016-12-04 05:20 Send message
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    ok so i downloaded this mod and wow the idea of it is great..... BUT where do you sell the pallets of seed from the seed production plant and the fertilizer at? and wouldnt it be a good idea to make the pallets to where you could refill your seeder from it?
  • Gsmodding
    2016-12-06 09:03 Send message
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    For you to be able to sell the seed and fertilizer you would need to add to a trigger in your map. As soon as I can will update some to allow seeder filling and maybe a placeable sell trigger. Thanks for your time.
  • Tom


    2016-12-17 02:53 Send message
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    Is there any ETA on being able to fill seeders/fertilizer spreaders with these pallets? This mod would work perfectly for me if I could use it to refill my spreader on large field 5. Thanks!
  • Hsayar
    2017-02-02 12:05 Send message
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    Courseplay compatible straw, grass etc. Does it know how to adapt it so we can unload it?
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