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Ground Modification v1.0.0.5
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Ground Modification v1.0.0.5

Change the ground on the map with the Lizard roller. Choose from 18 ground types and select if you want the grass to be removed or not.

- Error with mod activation on an existing savegame with roller fixed
- Support for 4x maps
- flickering of ground fixed
- Error with uncommon mod directories fixed
- Fixed an issue with not saving the ground changes


  • Stephan
    2017-04-28 15:32
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    Genialer Mod, nur seit dem Update ändert er nicht mehr die Texturen oder mach ich was falsch?
  • Dave
    2017-04-28 15:47
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    great mod. doesnt crash anymore. what is the key that you press to select what ground texture you want thankyou ?
  • Alex2ruote
    2017-04-28 16:49
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    Awesome mod and now it works fine. Just activate the F1 menu to see what key do you need.
  • Andrace
    2017-04-28 16:56
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    the new version don't work, i load the savegame but later 5 minut the game freeze a 4fps. I delete this mod it's normal play
  • Dave
    2017-04-28 19:58
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    when i press the f1 for the menu it doesnt list what button to press for the different textures.
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-04-28 20:33
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    Excellent , NO Problems
  • Dave
    2017-04-28 20:37
    0 0
  • Tiny
    2017-04-29 00:23
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    weird the first version worked great for me I did the update and now it doesn't work at all so I just reloaded old version and its working fine again love the mod
  • Ray


    2017-04-29 02:08
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    I can not find it in the store. I have looked at the mod file and again I can not find what catagory it is under. Stumped!
  • Taterdigger
    2017-04-29 03:25
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    Excellent mod! However it does lag my 4X maps. The rest of the maps works flawlessly. Over 200 mods in my folder. Games saves keep ground textures. No conflicts. @ Ray: Use vanilla roller.
  • Sigh....
    2017-04-29 03:29
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    "Change the ground on the map with the Lizard roller" pretty simple ladies.....uses the standard roller in the misc category.....
  • Eliminator
    2017-04-29 04:27
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    wish it could take out walls fences hedges etc
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-29 14:27
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    I could not understand if it was not a single socket
  • Douxian
    2017-04-29 14:33
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    I was waiting for this mod since FS13, thank you.But I have a problem, when I change the ground and delete the grass, no problem, but if I keep the grass if I quit the game when I come back There is no work I mean it's like I didn't done nothing !!!!It's like it doesn't save the ground modification if I Keep the grass.
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-29 14:38
    0 0
    Do not always have a problematic solution
  • Robert
    2017-04-30 08:32
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    Mod wrzucamy do katalogu mods moje dokumenty a wszystkie pozostałe mody mają się znajdować pdlc tam gdzie jest zainstalowana gra. W takim układzie mod działa.
  • Farmdice
    2017-04-30 11:30
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    When i was pushing start after loading , playes the screen short the radiomusic from the Game , and than crushed Giants Engine------> back to windows Please help an unsuspecting German farmer ;)The mod looks great and i will be testing it on my Favorite Map.
  • Steve
    2017-05-01 21:52
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    I agree with tiny updated to the new version wouldn't work so I'm going to try the old version again
  • Dedebzh
    2017-05-07 08:44
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    Je trouve ce mod plutôt sympas mais apparemment je l'ai mis sur mon serveur et il ne marche pas , il ne change rien du tout !!! Alors en partie solo marche nickel !!! Pouvez vous m'aider ???Help Me ?????
  • Wesley
    2017-05-13 13:58
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    No probs here , maybe use a controller ? works fine for me on any map in any country lol , can't believe what i read sometimes :-)
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-05-18 18:45
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    Why does the save game NOT save your ground modifications??
  • Willem
    2017-06-22 22:32
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    The mod worked fine.But since a day or 2, It doesn't work anymore.I want concrete but I can't place it.
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