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Ground Modification v1.0
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Ground Modification v1.0

Change the ground on the map with a roller. Choose from 18 ground types and select if you want the grass to be removed or not.
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer none
Category Other
Author jodamm
Size 22.78 MB
Released 24.04.2017
Platform PC/MAC


  • Atgk
    2017-04-24 17:01
    Mod of the year, Thanks works great and will be used a lot.
  • Ksmodding
    2017-04-24 17:28
    how do you get it working
  • Guest
    2017-04-24 18:27
    Game locks up as soon as you get in a vehicle and so many errors in the log.
  • Patrick
    2017-04-24 19:21
    @JODAMM,un grand merci pour ce mod,vraiment genial,respect a toi
  • Enzo
    2017-04-24 19:30
    Genial, jetzt noch eine min. 5m breite Walze und alles ist perfekt! :-)
  • Nitefire
    2017-04-24 19:49
    Awesome mod! Real game changer! Thanks so much!
  • Ksmodding
    2017-04-24 20:07
    @enzo .... how do I get this mod to work .... Where do i put the files
  • Pseacraft
    2017-04-24 20:47
    Cool mod! But is map picky so YMMV. ie: Lawfolds its a champ but North West Texas - enter a vehicle it hangs in this loop: /../FS17_Ground_Modification/GMTracks.lua:48: attempt to compare number with nilWarning (Script): Entity 'terrainPatch8x0' has invalid type in method 'getDensityAtWorldPos'.LUA call stack:…Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
  • Warhamster
    2017-04-24 21:23
    which folder is it in the shop in game as i cant find it
  • Badass farmer
    2017-04-24 22:02
    Exceptional mod, it's the mod of the year hands down. The only thing I found is that it conflicts with other mods I use and for me to go though 100's of mods that I have to find out which is causing the problem is going to be very time consuming, so not sure if I will continue using this mod or not. But one hell of a mod either way.
  • Guest
    2017-04-24 22:13
    Very cool mod, but can you make the roller wider and have a little more speed????, because i found buildings i have placed with GE the roller leaves a bit of grass around the inside and outside when going around them, the roller can't get close enough to delete the grass. if there is a fully functional roller mod already, can you let me where to find it. I found 1 roller mod, but it doesn't work worth the shit.
  • Ksmodding
    2017-04-24 22:22
    @Guest i Have one roller there is a little wider ....I have Downloaded this mod but I can't get it workinghow do you get this mod working
  • Farmerjon
    2017-04-24 23:16
    I tried using this mod, but I can't even load a save game with this mod. It freezes my whole game. when I check the log i get an lua error. It looks like it could be a great mod though.
  • Buster
    2017-04-24 23:25
    yes mod of the year : misc in shop and giants stock roller . thanx for mod.
  • Jason
    2017-04-25 01:24
    wow! fantastic mod you just opened up the options we can do in the game total game changer u are a genius congrats and thank you! the game was severley lacking this option the building of roads and self made farms is sooo much better now
  • Farmer
    2017-04-25 01:36
    Super mod ! works very well ! But when I leave the game after saving and I come back later the changes do not appear !! If anyone has the solution ???
  • Ereedks
    2017-04-25 01:44
    It's evidently hit and miss on this mod. As Pseacraft and Guest mentioned, it causes the game to lock up. It locked up for me on "Land zwischen den Bergen" (aka Land Between the Mountains). The log gets multiple errors when this mod is used.
  • Farmer pl
    2017-04-25 03:46
    Everything works great Zero problems
  • Aflac
    2017-04-25 04:32
    I've downloaded the mod and it is in my mods folder. How do I use this mod?
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-04-25 08:13
    Will Not work on my iMac
  • @ farmer
    2017-04-25 12:14
    I found you need to update this mod each time you enter the game, not sure why that is, but once you update it, everything works great
  • Ibrahim
    2017-04-25 15:44
    I do not see the mode why?
  • Scotty2971
    2017-04-25 15:45
    would love to use this mod but game wont load when installed
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-25 16:45
    Downloaded but does not show
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-25 16:50
    Please help me do not leave
  • @ fetih1453
    2017-04-25 17:19
    add it to your mod folder so it will be in your mod folder, but it doesn't show as a MOD in the store, buy the roller in (misc in the store menu) and and you will see how to use it in the top left corner in the controls. BUT REMEMBER, when you are loading whatever game, in the main window, go to MODS and update this mod, then load your game, that's the only it works for me. I had to start a new game though with the map I use.
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-25 17:54
    But it does not appear between the modes in the opening window of the game I do not know how to update
  • Tim121672
    2017-04-25 21:52
    It has potential but crashes about 50 t0 60 % of maps and has a few errors. look for better version in the future. Your on the right path though, good job.
  • Ereedks
    2017-04-26 03:32
    Looks like some meth head learned some new words and is posting them on here using alias logins. Wow, impressive! Grow up, idiot.
  • Name
    2017-04-26 04:56
    I can get the mod to download, but when i get in a tractor to use it, the screen locks up and you have to close the window. Theres got to be an error somewhere. Im not trying to be rude, but if you could fix it, i would greatly appreciate it, i could really use this mod
  • Jonno
    2017-04-26 05:46
    This mod adds itself to the in game roller. It works great!!One issue is it does not save your work when you load back into the game.
  • Andrace
    2017-04-26 11:59
    the mod have a problem with game. Later 2 minute in game freeze a 4fps
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-26 20:14
    I think some think I'm a fake, but that person is not my favore I like to play this game every woman is not the same
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-26 20:16
    I am one of those who play this game from turkey, please be very happy if you can help me on this subject
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-26 23:08
    Friends please help me :(
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-27 18:16
    There is no one to help ?
  • @feith1453
    2017-04-28 07:34
    I use ElkhornRiverBottom_FS17 map, but I had to start a totally new game for it to work. It's not a Mod so it will not show in the game mods, it's just a Add-On feature for the roller textures. Make sure you update the add-on it before you start your new game, I have absolutely no problem with it so far.
  • Fetih1453
    2017-04-28 15:34
    I'm constantly updating but I do not see this update in the mode I need to add another folder?
  • Daniel
    2017-04-28 22:18
    its the orginal mod from the game fetih1453.its not playing in multiplayer daniel
  • Mr martin
    2017-06-10 21:46
    How do i install on mac?
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