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GroundResponse.lua v1.3.5.2 Fix
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GroundResponse.lua v1.3.5.2 Fix

Hi guys,

Version Fix
3. Attempt
GroundResponse.lua packaged in ZIP.

this is for all those who also leiber little deeper sinking into the wheels, faster hard drive uphill and generally more realistic grip on fields had.
On dry and very wet field soil to the mach-noticeable depending on soil type and Feuchtgkeitsgehalt.
Have to the "GroundResponse.lua" from the For "Real Module 3: Ground Response" by Giants significantly edited.
This is just in the "For Real module 3: Ground Response" is inserted, and thus the standart "GroundResponse.lua" replaced (backup is not necessary to have to click as you anytime "Update Mods" in the main menu in the game only, and there the "for Real module 3: Ground response" Update must-characterized Wirde my ".lua" simply overwritten on the standard).

deeper sinking of the wheels, especially in humid
much less traction through the deeper sinking of the wheels
more influence of tire diameter and width to the Einsinkverhalten
Charge now causes deeper sinking of the wheels
less uncontrolled Kippneigungen on the road
Wheels fall more by physical influences, eg curve centrifugal, cant go on a slope, uneven ground
travel at speeds of over 25 km / h on soft or uneven ground shall be punished by physical forces more

Because until now only a few have been working on improving the physics in LS 17, this was the reason for me to try it by yourself remodel soil behavior somewhat more according to my wishes, because in the real module 3: Ground Response are for already all options given-but not implemented.

I strongly recommend the two mods of "Model Eicher" also to install, so that the effect will look good:

Support the topic and the "simplified installation instructions in pictures" are in the Forum of Marhu: http://marhu.net , look there in the theme "Realistic sinking depth and traction."

I am not an experienced modders, but the values ??in the "GroundResponse.lua" changed in countless hours and try again to extract eventual with the calculator a bit more fun.
If these ideas do not like it do not need to download, or it nag-the heck do better.
Have this script voluntarily and without any financial motives published, that all may have some more funny thing.

Furthermore, fix the changed values ??of me not "slipping" on the slope, which is related to the real module. 3 This continues to apply only the expedient off and dismount the tractor, so that its position is static.
Anyone can change any of these values. Try it out, it provides you a according to your wishes.
Regards Andy

Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Giants
Tester: Giants/Rachederasen
Sonstige: Abänderung der von Giants vorgegebenen Werte Rachederasen

  • Erpilas
    2017-03-01 15:25
    Good, the mods is perfect, but it sinks too much, where it can be corrected, thanks for fitting
  • Olivier
    2017-03-01 16:12
    on en fait quoi du mod ? on le met ou ? svp merci What about the mod? We put it or? Please thanks
  • David
    2017-03-01 19:06
    tous simple tu instal le mod forreal module trois grounreponce tu l extrai et tu change le fichier lua
  • Olivier
    2017-03-01 19:28
    merci David ....c'est fait ....
  • David
    2017-03-01 19:28
  • Jeje016
    2017-03-01 19:57
    il marche par le mod ???
  • Mike
    2017-03-02 01:52
    hey it wont let me unzip the rar file?
  • Jeje016
    2017-03-02 11:05
    salut je vois par comment faire pour le maitre un vidéo pour explique comment le maitre sa serré bien merci
  • Sotiris9872
    2017-03-02 20:21
    So do I let it replace the ground response module?
  • Jeff
    2017-03-03 01:34
    is very cool mod, but not for me keep up the great work
  • Pablo
    2017-03-03 13:12
    hi good farmers Right new to this farming Simulator Game so can anyone help me out ( Where do you put this ) it looks like a great mod . be very appreciated
  • @rablo
    2017-03-03 15:58
    If you want to get the mod working message me at [email protected] and I will send you a message
  • Tttt
    2017-03-03 21:43
    hello i dont understand how to put the Groundrespomce file in the game,why cant it be in rar file instead like the outher mods?
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