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Gullepack FS17 v3.0
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Gullepack FS17 v3.0

Hello love manure driver,
Here is now the V3.0 of my manure pack.
The changes are now coming. What was done:
1. Telescope axis programmed as a separate script, thus no folding and lowering (folding and lowering) of the barrel
More necessary. Now it is also possible to use a retracted telescopic axle.
2. Tec axis can now be bought for all spreading barrels
3. Suction arm of the Veenhuis barrels can now also be bought.
4. Buyable suction arm for the three Kotte feeder.
5. Docking station for manure pits
6. Field edge containers can now also be used as a docking station, i. Place the container in the Gülletrigger at the manure pit,
If you are outside the range since, the container fills itself by itself. If you fill with a suction arm,
Stops the filling of the container and you can suck it empty. Then he fills again automatically.
7. Frontdock is added. There are two variants. One only to open up and one that you turn with mousecontrol,
Up / down and in / out. The pre-positioning is also present with these. You should still use it
A few things:
If you use these with the Veenhuis barrels, the barrels should not have their own suction arm.
Wanted not to run a script in parallel because of performance. Furthermore you should
First connect the front dock to the tractor, then attach the drum to the tractor and unhook the drum and unload the drum
Then the front dock, otherwise the barrel does not find the hose. Save docked and reload the game
Without problems.
8. The Highline front dock has a front hydraulic system, so you can transport or dock the docking station
Attach additional weight.
9. Tried to fix the errors on the server and MP. But no idea if this worked, since I had no time.
Thanks to the many offers from you to test on your servers, but I just just do not have time.
But hope that I could fix some problems. If it did not work out, I still have to
Further into the difficult subject, except of you has a pleasure to do this with me.
10. The 3d models from the front dock are out of the contest LS13 have tried to reach fruktor or daniel11 due
The release, but unfortunately no one reported. If you do not mind,
Simply lock mod or PN to me. But thank you for the great work.
11. Small note: I noticed that the reconfigure in the shop a LOG error appears. I have that
But not only with my MOD, but with some MOD's and even with standard machines. So I think times,
This does not come from my Mod. Also tried to get to the bottom of the matter, but found nothing.
12. Original trigger re-installed, thus overloading with R is possible again.
13. The feeder is fully CP-ready, the barrels are not yet. Did not have time, a test scenario for the barrels
To build up.
14. With the standard tractors everything works great. With a few mod-tractors, the odd starts
Coupling the front docks, the tractor is very minimal. But does not come from my mod.
15. other various small fixes
So that's been with V3.0
Have fun with the Güllen.
MFG monteur1.

Modell: Giants monteur1 Bjohn(Rohr Carrier)
Script: Upsidedown monteur1
Idee / Konzept: monteur1 Bayerbua

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