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National Valley v1.0
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National Valley v1.0

National Valley is a map for loggers. The map is composed of 6 factories: Pellet, pallet, furniture, OSB board, wood chips, wooden board. There are a lot of 10,000 trees but the map is optimized to not have lag.

National Valley ist eine Karte für Holzfäller. Die Karte besteht aus 6 Fabriken: Pellet, Palette, Möbel, OSB-Platte, Hackschnitzel, Holzbrett. Es gibt viele 10.000 Bäume, aber die Karte ist optimiert, um keine Verzögerung zu haben.

National Valley est une map pour les bucherons. La map est consitué de 6 fabriques: Pellet, palette, meuble, planche OSB, copeaux de bois, planche en bois. Il y a enivron 10,000 arbres mais la map est optimisé pour le pas avoir de lag.


  • No name
    2018-07-04 04:46
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    must not be great if it doesn't have a map picture lmao
  • Metal
    2018-07-04 09:06
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    Whoever made the map did pretty good. I took a heli around to check everything out and map is not small but not big either. I enabled all my mods including straw harvest and loaded fine
  • Warondar
    2018-07-13 08:15
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    Not a great map because it doesn't have a map picture? lolYou'd probably still get lost even with a 'map picture' by the sounds of it. :o)
  • Jacob noyes
    2018-07-20 04:18
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    Best logging map I've ever played on with a Polaris razor which u can also get on mod hub
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