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Hagenstedt productions v1.00
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Hagenstedt productions v1.00

Hagenstedt Productions
welcome to a new version of hagenstedt with loads of pallet productions.

brewery to produce beer to be sold at the pub.
greenhouses to produce cauliflower,lettuce,tomatoes,redcabbage,pumpkins,melons,strawberry,raspberry.
compostmaster to produce compost in pallets.
potato washer to produce washed potatoes.
milk station to produce cans of milk.
sawmill to produce blanks.
palletwork to produce empty pallets.
flour mill to produce pallets of flour.

storage for all greenhouse pallets.
storage for empty pallets.
storage for flour pallets.
storage for milk pallets.
storage for compost pallets.
storage for washed potato pallets.
storage on farm for straw and grass
storage on farm for sugerbeet and potatoes
storage racks for wool pallets in sheep zone

goods train
there is a train to use to move your crops to be sold which goes though nearly every sell point,
train start at the port then goes over the big viaduct past your farm fields up to the mill hub then to the big top field and round the sawmill area
and down to the village past the flour mill over the island and back to the port

scooby giants marhu and other moders

  • Dennis53
    2017-09-15 20:38
    could you make this map season mod ready
  • Thecleaner
    2017-09-15 21:46
    The Train Track is very bad
  • Stefano chiesa
    2017-09-16 14:23
    you can't cross the bridge. Midway across it I'm stuck
  • Rich
    2017-09-17 10:51
    where do you but the fuel at the sawmill to get the sawmill to work?
  • Digibox
    2017-09-17 12:49
    You do not touch the pigs. There is an error on the bridge. invisible wall
  • Dennis53
    2017-09-17 15:31
    the brewery isnt working have brought everything necc to run but will not start
  • Digibox
    2017-09-17 16:33
    Still too many problems with the map
  • James44
    2017-09-17 17:54
    Was enjoying playing until I came upon the problems mentioned in the comments above. too many problems to continue playing. More testing needed, more fixing needed.
  • Defoden
    2017-09-19 20:27
    Hellothis card is good, but hoping it will do an update to correct the problems! thank you very much !
  • Yonyon458
    2017-09-22 17:35
    pas acces à la porcherie
  • Defoden
    2017-09-26 03:42
    HelloI would like to know . if there will be an update of this card ??? is what you know the designers ??? would be well advised.have a good day !
  • Defoden
    2017-09-26 04:43
    hello scooby giants will there be an update of this map ??? there are problems to correct.the beer factory does not work, can not go to heal pigs, there is an invisible wall ??? and for greenhouses, that for pumpkins does not work ??? Thank you and see you soon .greetings to you
  • Ricky mauser
    2017-10-01 17:22
    I like the map. same problem can't cross the bridge to pig farm overall i like the other activitys maybe some time you could add fuit trees apples, orange, ext.
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