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Hagenstedt v1.0.1.0
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Hagenstedt v1.0.1.0

This is the map of Farming Simulator 2013 | Convert for 2017 by Vanquish081. You have the next features:

- 2 zone forests.
- Pig, sheeps and cows.
- The zone with pigs is down field golf.
- Catle market in the port.
- This map is prepared for choppedstraw.

Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Vanquish081
Category Map
Author Converted to FS17 by Vanquish081
Size 402.67 MB
Released 28.12.2016

Converted to FS17 by Vanquish081

  • Vanquish81
    2016-12-29 13:24
  • Micw44
    2017-01-01 11:22
    Hi there is still vækgres come forward and it's been a problem from the stard but rest of mapet fonger ubeklalig but the gres is jeterne as comments when you bebater a f do not know what it is washed but can not be my graphics card for 6 gegabejd
  • Wtf


    2017-02-09 18:27
    I have no idea what this bloke is trying to say ^
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