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Hapert car transport trailer v1.0
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Hapert car transport trailer v1.0

With the Hapert car transporter cars, smaller tractors and others can be brought from A to B.

The trailer offers:
Tire choice: round or Goodyear profile
admission script
Extendable ramps (Num7 key)
tension belts
Attacher for loaded vehicles (button X)

I wish you a lot of fun with the mod. If you want to upload it on other sites, then you can do that. But always keep the original download link!

Modell: P91 Design
Textur: MrWaeschi
Script: MrWaeschi
Idee / Konzept: MrWaeschi
Tester: MrWaeschi

  • Maurizio
    2018-11-02 10:32 Send message
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    hello do not do unnecessary mods stick to farming simulator 2017 only agriculture
  • Dick mauizio
    2018-11-03 04:46 Send message
    0 2
    No one cares
  • Tf


    2018-11-06 10:57 Send message
    1 1
    Maurizio what is ur problem u have complained so many times about these mods, people care a lot about these because people like that kind of stuff, don't ruin mods for everyone u careless prick
  • Oláh roland
    2018-12-15 18:36 Send message
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    even though I press the X button nothing happens
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