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Heavy Towing and Repo mod pack v1.0.0
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Heavy Towing and Repo mod pack v1.0.0

This mod pack was mod  for the commuitty by the commuitty.

2 Heavy Reckers
1 Rotator + hooks
2 Flat bed Reckers
4 High class cars and 2 Truck and 2 Offroaders

Mods Required:
Manual attach
Creator tool

Next version of this mod pack coming on  5/30/17
check me out @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXaMKkEXFasSPdPohC3RbaA
I do mod reviews and other gaming videos

woodmeadow's fram
lambo moding

  • Eng51ine
    2017-05-08 21:31
    Dude.... What the fuck..... I asked people not to upload to other sites... This is why I am no longer sharing any more mods.
  • @eng51ine
    2017-05-08 21:34
    Dude, grow the fuck up. Seriously. Everyone knows once you share a mod in any capacity you risk it being shared like this. Accept it and move on. No big deal. As long as proper credits are given.
  • Blackbelt
    2017-05-08 21:51
    @@ENG51INEThat guy took 14 trucks and took credit for something he did not do any work to it and that would be stealing. I only download mods form sites that its was from like {www.woodmeadowfarmmodding.com} or a YouTube link because people can put files that are not even the right file. Thanks for Great mods ENG51INE and other great modders.Blackbelt
  • Lmao
    2017-05-08 23:09
    hear we go crying over fucking mods..grow up kid @BLACKBELT stealing really how old are we 3 whats your next comment going to be im contacting my lawyer lmao..y'all are nothing but a bunch of fuck sticks
  • @eng51ine
    2017-05-08 23:10
    stop your fucking crying baby boy
  • Jonathan baksh [tom 90]
    2017-05-08 23:32
    who the fuck did this ,,,honestly it is not fucking funny at all ,,espically not giving credits to the creater ,,,,who us this and Eng51ine it is not me eh !
  • Blackbelt
    2017-05-09 00:21
    i like seeing a ton of people that does not have a account and they cry over people saying they stole the mod when they did steal because 1st place is that taking 14 trucks and other things and not knowing who the people who made the mods and putting fake names in the credits like woodmeadow's farm that's not the creators its woodmeadowfarmmodding i'm not crying because noob people like you that cant make good mods them self's stop stealing and grow up PLEASEThanks,Blackbelt
  • Me


    2017-05-09 00:57
    That's funny. I'm going to laugh all day just because of this. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! I told you not to. ROFLMAO. If you want it private, here's a thought DON'T SHARE IT !!!
  • Hey blackbelt
    2017-05-09 00:59
    this is farming simulator not cry baby simulator grow up act your age..no such thing as stealing
  • Hahah
    2017-05-09 01:03
    thats the funny thing they go to share mods and thinking someone wont upload this and next day its on mod hub lmao you dumb fucks..just because you put do not upload to other sites does not mean they are not going to do it..if you dont want your mods on other sites you fuck sticks dont share them
  • Badass farmer
    2017-05-09 01:40
    not complaining, but most people have already downloaded most of those mods that were posted by the people who made them, so who in their right mind would download them all over again. JUST 1 QUESTION, DO PEOPLE WHO POST MODS GET PAID FOR THERE MODS & WORK THEY UPLOAD ON MOD SITES??, because I see a lot of mods that are out and then there is 1 stupid change, just so people will download it. BadAss Farmer
  • Mr.grimm
    2017-05-09 02:12
    LMFAO never a dull day when it comes to this game either have some retard crying about you stole my mods or I got no credit. God dam people grow up. Do you want credit for the morning shit you leave every day lol. Didn't waste the time downloading the separate mods and sure as heel not gonna waste the time on a pack of them.
  • @woodmeadow
    2017-05-09 02:16
    wood meadow farm modding What a fucking joke. Here is an idea pull your head out of your ass and learn to read giants terms of service. You wanna bitch about something bitch at them its there bull shit rights of use that fuck modders. Oh wait yall are to fucking stupid to figure that one out.
  • Thanks
    2017-05-09 02:32
    time to do a rebuild thanks for the mods all credits will be deleted and mine posted just to see you cry like a baby bitch boy HAHAHAHAH
  • Holy shit
    2017-05-09 02:45
    why in the fuck are you crying over mods getting uploaded to this site for you should be crying of how fucking bad they are LUA warnings up the ass
  • Testratyt
    2017-05-09 03:14
    Mods created and uploaded by the Customer may only be made available to third parties free-of-charge and not for gain. Commercial use or use in return for payment is not permitted. It is prohibited to sell or otherwise exploit Mods commercially without the consent of GIANTS (including the placement of ads in Mods or within the context of the distribution of Mods), including the sale or distribution of apps which contain Mods, as well as the sale of physical data carriers or downloading of Mods.
  • Bubba
    2017-05-09 07:51
    Giants themselves have said that mods can not be stolen since the mods are created using their software (Giants Editor). I do not understand modders who cry and complain when their mods get reuploaded on various sites. You should take it as a compliment that someone liked you mod enough to try to disperse it to more media sites. If your really worried about credit then just upload it to the most popular sites yourself before someone else does!
  • Barrryyy
    2017-05-09 12:50
    I LIKE PINAPPLES!!!!!!!That is all.
  • Nobody
    2017-05-09 14:59
    Adam DIDN'T make anything. He just edits in GE like Tim does. You can't change the cab, throw on some lights and be a totally new mod. Now we have to put up with Eric from Fuct'd in the group. Yay us. That faggot and his band of itiots are going to ruin a decent group. It's gone to shit in Woodmeadow. These mods are crap. Don't download!
  • Eng51ine
    2017-05-09 22:27
    See that's where you're wrong. I never claimed to have made anything from scratch and I very openly state multiple times a month that I do not create things from scratch and do mainly edits. I released everything publicly, so no nothing is "stolen". I asked that they not be shared on mod sites as nothing has been 100% completed yet.
  • Eng51ine
    2017-05-09 22:28
    You are also entitled to your opinion. You think they are shit, that's fine. For every 1 person that says its shit, there are 200 people who feel the opposite. All my tow trucks have been downloaded 5,000+ times from my website, so I am not really worried about what you think, but thanks.
  • Viruses
    2017-05-10 00:11
    Whoa, Keep your ROOT KIT VIRUSES dude! Thanks for infecting my computer. Download at your own risk!
  • Pissy pants
    2017-05-10 13:24
    LOL. Stolen mod, no credits, private!!! How stupid are you idiots? A towing package in a farming game. What do you do; park the cars around the map in various places and pretend you get calls from the car owners saying they need a tow? completely stupid.
  • Medicman
    2017-05-11 11:25
    Vehicles don't appear in the store.
  • Shadowr434
    2017-05-14 01:16
    I don't suppose that " Nobody " has the balls to put his real name on here and let Adam know who he really is, does he?
  • Cone
    2017-06-26 22:38
    Why wont this work and other mod sites try getting me to download loads of shite ???
  • Me


    2017-10-10 07:42
    i like these mods. biggest tins id change is that all the wreckers lower booms dont carry anything. the flat decks as long as you lock down load they work good i also think you shoud add fire engines.
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