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Hecklingen Land v0.98
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Hecklingen Land v0.98

Hello MH people! Welcome to a unique place, Hecklingen Land!

Please read the description! There is the most important information!
- >> Hecklingen is an interesting project that combines in many different styles. We will find forests and mountain roads, interesting textures and objects.
- >> Hecklingen is a medium-sized, but the fields are ideal for playing. Multiplayer works naturally!

On the map are two farms!
-> First we have: warehouse, silo for silage, the engine room. On 2 are all animals and magazines for harvest.
-> When the card is loaded, the machines are set up in Hangar's Startup.
-> Fields and meadows: Altogether there are 45. The largest has a 5.51 hectares. Our fields have numbers 1,7,17,30 and meadows with 5 numbers 41,42,43,44,45
-> Mission System works!
-> A large BGA
-> On the map are new grain textures. They also have other, real height!
-> It is PDA on the map. We can sell in 2 places.
-> No fatal errors were detected in the protocol! Remember, version 0.98!

Please leave my only connection to the card and not change it! Thank you SRX Mapping

Map: SRX Mapping

  • Falconvini
    2017-05-11 00:47
    This is a fake and a non respect to the original author "La Ferme de la souche". Please close this publication. Respect for modders !!!
  • Sarah
    2017-05-11 11:27
    This is not a creation of yourself. It is the farm of the stump that you have modified. You do not even respect the creator. No agreement of the latter. Respect the modder and mapper please
  • Tt8470
    2017-05-11 16:25
    Hecklingen map? Are you jocking me? Did you know what is respect? I think no because you published a modification of "La ferme de la souche" without the agreement of the modder. It's disrespectful for modders, dear community, don't download it, it's a FAKE!!!!
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