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Herberts Sosnovka v1.0
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Herberts Sosnovka v1.0

Here I present you one for me, converted Sosnovka available.
You begin with better vehicles and some start-up capital.
The map is still under construction and therefore I need your feedback.
I'm still new to the modding scene so filled with love.
Of course a thanks to all specialists whose I mods installed have.


  • Tom


    2017-01-26 16:25
    A chier !!
  • Fred
    2017-01-26 21:53
    Comme toutes les maps venant des pays de l'est !
  • Name
    2017-01-27 19:48
    was Tom mit seinem Beitrag meint weiß ich nicht. Mein erster Eintrag von der Map:nicht schlecht. Danke dafür
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