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Herberts Sosnovka v2.0
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Herberts Sosnovka v2.0

Here I present you one for me, converted Sosnovka available.

Version 2.0
Animals placed to the yard and sawmill installed.

Slowtide63: idea, concept, 3D model (changes Giants sawmill)
Marhu: FabrikScript.lua, PalettenSammler.lua
KevinK98: Conversion LS17 FactoryScript.lua
LS-Modcompany - fasi: wooden pallets
Vertex - Niggels: light package

You begin with better vehicles and some start-up capital.
The map is still under construction and therefore I need your feedback.
I'm still new to the modding scene so filled with love.
Of course a thanks to all specialists whose I mods installed have.


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