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Hill County v1.5
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Hill County v1.5

Hill County is a map that mainly focuses on grain, but also offers cattle.

Version 1.5 Changes
- Allowed for easier turning with trailers
- Increased multiterain angle count
- Fixed some triggers
- Improved performance in some areas

The map contains many scripts that assure the map to feel realistic in many ways.
In general the map is focused on a fictional location with terrain that came out of Texas.
Some features of the map are,
- Older Farm
- New Farm
- Cattle operation
- Multi terrain angles
- Seasons mod ready
- And many more.

Expect Version 2 in the future which will include more animations and much more details and finally fix the name for the second salepoint. This is currently in the works and is requiring a lot of time adding all of these details. I thank you for downloading my map and hope that you have a wonderful time playing the map that took over half a year to develop.
Also can you please keep the original link and not use a modhub link.

Payne Mapping

  • Hopeful
    2018-06-10 20:41
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    The map has potential and i like what is here so far. Only thing it needs is the fields need numbered so courseplay can do its thing. Other than that good job.
  • Creator
    2018-06-11 01:26
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    The map was developed with the fields being able to be purchased by portions as voted in a poll by my followers, but if more feedback from a broad group shows that they want the fields purchasable individually then I can do just that. You can use courseplay by "calculate field edge" and set it to any field number you desire. Thank you for your input on my work.
  • @creator
    2018-06-11 07:03
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    Ok thanks for the info. I never really used calculate field edge because i didn't know what it was for. Thanks for your help.
  • Joey
    2018-06-12 00:06
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    will the grazing mod be added in v2 by chance?
  • Creator
    2018-06-12 07:31
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    Thank you for pointing out this information, I will look into any input the community desires.
  • Pagefound
    2018-06-16 15:56
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    I really like this map, hope it can be finished soon! Great job!
  • Pagefound
    2018-06-16 15:57
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