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Hills Map 17 v1.1
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Hills Map 17 v1.1

Hills Map,

Big Hills Map v1.1
Rebuild the FreightYard and added a Static Train
Replaced the Diner for the model Ls17
Added a GasStation in the Vilage
Rebuild the Restaurant Place and the FarmShop
Added a point sell for pallets at the FreightYard
Change the StrawBarn and Rebuild the LivestockMarket Place
Added milk Mod FillTrigger and SellTrigger
Added more Trees and objects and many more have fun

I take this idea from the Map "My Hills" from (Conni_01)
I Rebuild the Map and Change Fields many now are more large
Build two Forests and one for placeable
Trees and Pin are from LS17
Added a sawmill by Marhu
Added a point sell for pallets
Start vehicles has changed and many more have fun

Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake

  • Gr4p3k1lla
    2016-12-17 20:09
    last version none of the silage silos was not working. The chaff would spill out, was this fixed? This is a good map and hoping that was fixed!
  • Dj6310
    2016-12-17 22:52
    a mais les champs sont trop petit pourquoi pas ne laisser que un seul champs qui couvre toute la carte
  • Wayne
    2016-12-19 02:07
    good job on the map men think u for your hard work on it
  • Thesnake
    2016-12-19 16:08
    @WAYNE Thanks i start to build a road Train for the next Version see you soon
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