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Hills Map Train Edition v1.0
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Hills Map Train Edition v1.0

Big Hills Train Edition V1
Added a Train all around the map
You a Point off Sellwood
Hotel sellpoint
Grain Mill Sell point
Building for unloading point
if you do not like please dont put the negative comments have fun and see you soon
Ps (I forget one tree in the air sorry)

Model: Giants
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake
Other: Thanks for all modders for the objects in the map

  • Wayne
    2016-12-21 05:04
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    hey men you doing a good job I really like it keep it up thank you for the hard work you put in it .
  • Thesnake
    2016-12-21 09:53
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    @WAYNE (Thank you have fun
  • Tim121672
    2016-12-21 12:35
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    This is my go to map, I absolutely love it. thanks for this....
  • Thesnake
    2016-12-21 12:59
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    @TIM121672 Thank you
  • Tim121672
    2016-12-21 13:52
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    Just checked it out, what a great addition to an already great map. WELL DONE SIR, WELL DONE!
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