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Hills Map Train Edition v1.1
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Hills Map Train Edition v1.1

Big Hills Train Edition

Version 1.1
Hills Map Train Edition Fixed
Fixed PDA
Added another Train and two Deviation point
Added Hills Export sell trigger
Added a Bakery replace de Brauerei
Sorry for the inconvenience I put the wrong version
Start a new career see you soon

Added a Train all around the map
You a Point off Sellwood
Hotel sellpoint
Grain Mill Sell point
Building for unloading point
if you do not like please dont put the negative comments have fun and see you soon
Ps (I forget one tree in the air sorry)

Model: Giants
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake
Other: Thanks for all modders for the objects in the map

  • Old gamer
    2016-12-22 08:56
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    Something I am hoping for is to uncouple train cars and have sidings to load and unload cars there. I am not a modder so don't know if this is possible. Great map thanks
  • Jumbo747
    2016-12-22 13:28
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    Hi Thomas,How about doing the GRACELAND map it was great in FS 15!Any chance of you re-doing the TELEPORT - the one currently listed does NOT work correctlyThank you for your many efforts
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