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Hinsbruck v1.0
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Hinsbruck v1.0

Here is the long-awaited map with many productions. like stuff, firewood, boards, flour, eggs, milk, cheese, chips, sugar, meat.
How and what goes, next to the production. The milk itself has to be driven away. Food is sold at the big department store, cereals can be sold at the country trade. You have to buy seed (buy seed, fertilizer pile) at the country trade, and can store it in the yard in the hall. You can also make your own seeds by tilting wheat, or fermenting in seed-cultivators (own building) and you get seeds. With the conveyor belt (in the hall) you can empty bags directly into the trailer.
So now have fun while gambling
If you have any questions about how to do something, there are lots of videos on Youtube at TuneWar
your TuneWar

Idee / Konzept: TuneWar
Tester: TuneWar

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    2017-11-19 21:53
    Nice small map with productions!You should consider to add chopped straw to some next update.
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