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Hire more workers (SP + MP) v1.0
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Hire more workers (SP + MP) v1.0

Usually Giants restricts the numbers of available workers in the game ( mostly in multiplayer) but this mod allows you to adjust the number of workers in the game.

In multiplayer you must be an admin or the one who opened the mp-game to edit this setting.
Additionally you have to be outside of a vehicle to change the number of workers.
A Log-text will show your changes. (See images)

Ctrl + 2 adds one worker
Ctrl + 1 removes one worker
Ctrl + 3 resetes the number to default

Warning: Too many workers in online mode will slowdown the game and cause lags.

Script: Bombastisch
Konzept: Bombastisch
Tester: Bombastisch & sebim4

  • Fiddler
    2017-08-28 23:03
    if this is for FS17 sorry to say but it seems it is not working I hit ctrl 2 and nothing happens if you can get it to work it would be a great tool for gameplay
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